Who Should Pay for the First Date?

4. It’s polite.

 Odds are good that you asked her out on a date.  It’s only polite to bear the cost, since you made the suggestion.  Speaking of being polite, pay attention to whether or not she tries to pay the bill.  Most women will at least attempt to pay for their own meal, but some feel entitled to a free meal.  How you feel about that is a matter of taste, but it’s a great opportunity to learn more about the woman you are with.  A great way to allude to a second date is by saying, “It’s okay.  I’ll get this one.  You can pay next time.”  Also, some women insist on going Dutch.  Avoid an awkward moment, and let her pay for her food if she insists (after you offered to pay first).  Simply respond with, “Cool.  I respect that.”  (Note: Some women avoid becoming indebted to men they don’t know.  Others feel empowered by spending their own money.  There is a small chance that she’s paying because she isn’t attracted to you, and doesn’t want to lead you on.)




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